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Barrel length and bore diameter

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Well I have done various searches on and off of this forum about barrel length and inner diameter and want to confirm what I believe I know. Well from what I have read a barrel between 430mm to 509mm is best, and either a 6.03, 6.05, 6.08 inner diameter. I am going for longest range and accuracy possible at a managable price(Mainly accuracy) so I was thinking a prommy 6.05 at 450mm. Also this is for a rifle I will be building between 500fps to 550fps and This is supposed to be about the best dimensions of the barrel, not brand of barrel or specifics about the gun it will go into. So just help me with the barrel info. If you would change the dimension let me know but I am stressing just barrel dimensions. Thanks,
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The exact barrel length will depend on the volume of your cylinder. Also, the quality of the barrel will be as important as the exact bore size although people are typically fans of 6.03 - 6.05, I have heard of some people that like 6.08 more.... I would go into more detail, but I'm on a phone at the moment.
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