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Barrel porting- possible testing

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As the title suggests I'm thinking on porting a barrel with the idea of testing as I can't seem to find any REAL testing just theories. None the less I would like to hear if anyone over here has done/tested anything.

First, this would be going on a madbull 6.03. I also have the gap on of my flash hider to allow for effective dissipation without having to throw a can on to end or compromise the outer barrel.

I'm looking to possibly silence the gun a bit further. Also, if there is any increase/decrease in avg FPS and accuracy I would like to address that as well. The major thing though is I have access to a 300'+ warehouse so if it comes down to it I can perform true accuracy testing at extended ranges which not many people are able to do or are willing to do.

To keep this test as standard as possible I would like to use sandbags or if i can get a hold of a sled that. Then it would just be down to my internals and the bbs as variables.
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I read a little bit about it along with what other people have said about the science between airsoft and paintball. The stuff they say makes sense but I would like to try it out even if it doesn't work. Worst case scenario it does nothing since it is so close to the end of the barrel.
I would have liked a little more input or at least support though before I actually commit to this.
That definitely seems like a better idea then what I had planned out. I was originally just going to take a design from something existing and port it to those specifications. If I do it the way described above though it'll definitely take much longer then expected since I'm not the one doing the ports.
Its a 509mm inner that I'm looking to port. so as of right now the volume in the cylinder is a little bit over 2:1. So by porting to the proper length I am hoping that it'll reduce the projected sound further since the pressure will be equalized right when it leaves the barrel.

I'm mainly looking at some of the paintball stuff where it removes turbulent air behind the bb just before exiting the barrel to give it a more accurate shot. Although it gets argued in the opposite direction since the space around the bb is greater then that of a paintball.
I have been thinking of porting in an x pattern due to what you just said and because of the shape of the flash hider. The spr flash hider allows for better disappation on the sides then the top/bottom.
The flash hiders ID is the same as the ID of the outer barrel. So its relatively tight.
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