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Barrel porting- possible testing

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As the title suggests I'm thinking on porting a barrel with the idea of testing as I can't seem to find any REAL testing just theories. None the less I would like to hear if anyone over here has done/tested anything.

First, this would be going on a madbull 6.03. I also have the gap on of my flash hider to allow for effective dissipation without having to throw a can on to end or compromise the outer barrel.

I'm looking to possibly silence the gun a bit further. Also, if there is any increase/decrease in avg FPS and accuracy I would like to address that as well. The major thing though is I have access to a 300'+ warehouse so if it comes down to it I can perform true accuracy testing at extended ranges which not many people are able to do or are willing to do.

To keep this test as standard as possible I would like to use sandbags or if i can get a hold of a sled that. Then it would just be down to my internals and the bbs as variables.
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What are you planning on getting out of the ported barrel?

Take a pre port test, and then keep porting till ou fall off the chart. Then get a new barrel and stop before the point of failure.
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