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Barrel porting- possible testing

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As the title suggests I'm thinking on porting a barrel with the idea of testing as I can't seem to find any REAL testing just theories. None the less I would like to hear if anyone over here has done/tested anything.

First, this would be going on a madbull 6.03. I also have the gap on of my flash hider to allow for effective dissipation without having to throw a can on to end or compromise the outer barrel.

I'm looking to possibly silence the gun a bit further. Also, if there is any increase/decrease in avg FPS and accuracy I would like to address that as well. The major thing though is I have access to a 300'+ warehouse so if it comes down to it I can perform true accuracy testing at extended ranges which not many people are able to do or are willing to do.

To keep this test as standard as possible I would like to use sandbags or if i can get a hold of a sled that. Then it would just be down to my internals and the bbs as variables.
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I would recommend looking into Falcon barrels and doing some research on "accurate" patinball barrels before starting this, you might find the information you are looking for there and then decide if you want to try this or not. That is not to say anything here nor there about it (I've been thinking about adding something like this to my build as well, but my project is on hold for... a while :( ), but there have been ported barrels in paintball forever, and a ported paintball barrel witha flatline will probably give you a good idea of what would happen in airsoft.
Well if you want input or suggestions, a specific goal for performance and detailed design ideas would help a lot. Size, number of ports, pattern, length, bb type, hop up type, bucking, gun type, if gas, gas type; all of this and then some will make a difference. And on top of that what characteristics are you going to vary in the testing.
What are your specific goals with this project? The closest thing to an objective you have in your OP is:

I'm looking to possibly silence the gun a bit further. Also, if there is any increase/decrease in avg FPS and accuracy I would like to address that as well.
What principle are you trying to use in porting the barrel that might increase accuracy? The idea with the ported barrels in paintball is that the porting allows excess pressure to exit and for those last few inches the paintball is moving under its own energy in a somewhat controlled environment. Something like this I could see working with Becklr1's end of barrel hop, although I don't think you would see too much of a change with a conventinal hop up type.

The thing to remember with barrel porting is that the effective length of the barrel will be where the furthest back port is, so you have to take that into account with your C:B ratio. Unless you're using gas, then it will depend on the gas system you are using and the pressure you are running.
Yeah, but you also have to remember that in airsoft we have hop up, so the BB will be rolling on the top when it gets to the porting; with that in mind there are a lot of things you can do with the porting pattern/design to test with.

In paintball (flatline excepted) you have essentially a blowgun. So when the paintball makes it to the ported area there are very different factors that come into play as opposed to airsoft. That's not to say that porting isn't a possibility, IMO it just needs to be done differently.
There won't be enough air volume moving through the porting at that point to really have to worry about how effective the flash hider will be unless its as tight as the outer barrel.
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