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Literally four posts above you:

Honestly, you don't need a longer barrel for better accuracy. It's a myth, and as stated in that link, doesn't always get you the better result.

As far as diameter goes, most companies are switching back to 6.08 as the stock tightbore, mainly because in all honesty a bb isn't exactly 6.00 itself, add maybe a grain of sand or salt and you're already pushing 6.05-6.06. Now that bb rubbing against the smallest grain of sand in the barrel just caused a nice scratch down the side of the inner barrel and now all your shots are flying to the left and you can't figure out why. Or your FPS drops now because it creates that slowing drag rather than a smooth surface.

In short, go with the 509 6.03mm Promethius Barrel. You shouldn't have problems. Also, when using any barrel smaller than 6.08, remember to visually inspect all your bb's before you fire them, so incidences like the above mentioned doesn't happen.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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