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Hi guys, I think I was the second member of this forum or something like that! I'm back in airsoft now and I require knowledge.

A lot people talk about how tighter barrels are not always better. Does anybody have any proof? I am in the market for an inner barrel for my L96, and I need an aeg cut one. I want the best for the money. What say you snipers?
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There was 2 or 3 threads regarding this, one of them with photographic proof, but they've disappeared off into the eather :-/

Basicaly what Livonia said is correct, theres a hell of alot more physics to it than that, but in short the tightest you should ever go is 6.03 and this is with desent high quality ammo :)
Their .28s are also quite good, its what I'm running through all my DMRs at the moment ;)

.29 SGMs are supposed to be the absalute dogs danglies, and what most are gauged against when it comes to comparisons, but finding any is nye on impossible and if you do, brace your self to dig deep in to your pocket to buy them
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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