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Hi guys, I think I was the second member of this forum or something like that! I'm back in airsoft now and I require knowledge.

A lot people talk about how tighter barrels are not always better. Does anybody have any proof? I am in the market for an inner barrel for my L96, and I need an aeg cut one. I want the best for the money. What say you snipers?
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Are madbull bb's decent ammo? Thanks for the info.
Madbulls are bad? I bought .40's not too long ago. I think I know what you mean, they seem 'chalky'. So I should just get rid of them? I need the weight but my ksc .3 seem much high quality.
Well, I wanted .4-ish, but can not find good ones, or at least don't know which are good.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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