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Hi guys, I think I was the second member of this forum or something like that! I'm back in airsoft now and I require knowledge.

A lot people talk about how tighter barrels are not always better. Does anybody have any proof? I am in the market for an inner barrel for my L96, and I need an aeg cut one. I want the best for the money. What say you snipers?
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Welcome back man, I remember you.

In my Type 96 I went from Stock, to a Systema 509mm 6.04, to a KM TN Teflon coated 590mm 6.03, now have settled with my 650mm Prometheus 6.03. Always use a soft bucking, hard buckings have way too much hop and inconsistency. I'd stick with a 6.03.

I do not have any proof, but from what I can imagine is that with super tight bores, they put more friction on the BB. A looser bore allows air to slip passed the BB, causing it to basically float out the barrel. Now keep in mind the BB is backspinning from the hopup, and when you put more friction on to that, it will prohibit the spin.

If it were a real gun, and had rifling, you would want the tightest bore you can get.
Madbull's .36's are the best they make. Once you go higher up in weight than that, they get real "Chalky" and leave residue in your magazines, hop, and barrel.

.36's are what I've always used, except I used Straight's until Madbulls came out.
Its what the material is, when you shoot them at hard ground even with a stock AEG, they explode into small fragments. The .43's are chalkier than the .40's.

KSC .30's are good, I only use them in my M9.
If you have a BB you've been using, you will not need to change for a new barrel.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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