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Barrett M107 Build

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I am making myself a replica Barrett M107 Bolt action Airsoft Rifle. As of right now I'm in the designing stage. Before I mill or lathe anything out, however, I need the internals. Problem: I don't know what the best internals are, and I really want the best I can get for my budget.

I have been told to look for Laylax, and so far I believe I will be using the Laylax PSS10 190SP Spring for VSR10(this is not for field play, solely for play with friends/recreational target shooting) I want the 600FPS, and I know it will not be easy to pull.

For the barrel I was thinking of using the Prometheus EG Precision Inner Barrel for TM M14 (500mm) because I have heard prometheus is good and I need a 500mm barrel.

I am planning on ordering parts from Airsoft GI( so this brings my total to $91. I still need hop-up and a piston(I was planning on making the cylinder myself, as it seems quite simple and I have access to a CNC lathe). I have 12 inches(I could probably push it to 15 inches) in which to fit the spring, piston, cylinder, and hop-up.

My budget is $200. This is a rough budget, I could probably got to around $225. So with what I already have around $109 left for the hop-up and piston. I need a full hop-up, and I do not plan on buying a boneyard gun. The reason I am asking for help is I do not know much about what is best for the internals of an airsoft rifle, and I am looking for good accuracy, range, and power and do not wish to get a bad part and have to buy another.

I will update this thread with reports and pictures of my progress when I get into the building stages.

Thank you!:)

P.S. If this is the wrong place to post this I apologize, it seemed like the best out of the options I had.
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I would use a lathe and a small tool-thingy (what the devil are those things called?), only needs to be ~.5 mm wide (the slot)

I would also use a mill, as VSR barrels need a tiny little flat bit on the sides, or you could drill out the hop chamber.
No, you can still use an M4 chamber and a VSR cylinder assembly, but you might need to modify the nozzle to make sure it fits down the chamber and still contacts the bucking.

The VSR chamber is easy to convert to an ER-hop, as is the PDI chamber, though I am starting to fabricate hop arms for those conversions (on my own rifles only, for testing right now). On the VSR, the biggest issue is the bucking, but you can get around that. I personally like the M4 chambers for the ease of TDC and ER-hop at the same time, but I also have not worked on any m14 hops since starting my TDC stuff.
I would stick to the VSR piston for the greater air volume, personally.
The M4 hop system is actually pretty nice when it comes to TDC and LRB mods, nice and spacious top piece to work with.
1 - 6 of 38 Posts
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