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Barrett M107 Build

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I am making myself a replica Barrett M107 Bolt action Airsoft Rifle. As of right now I'm in the designing stage. Before I mill or lathe anything out, however, I need the internals. Problem: I don't know what the best internals are, and I really want the best I can get for my budget.

I have been told to look for Laylax, and so far I believe I will be using the Laylax PSS10 190SP Spring for VSR10(this is not for field play, solely for play with friends/recreational target shooting) I want the 600FPS, and I know it will not be easy to pull.

For the barrel I was thinking of using the Prometheus EG Precision Inner Barrel for TM M14 (500mm) because I have heard prometheus is good and I need a 500mm barrel.

I am planning on ordering parts from Airsoft GI( so this brings my total to $91. I still need hop-up and a piston(I was planning on making the cylinder myself, as it seems quite simple and I have access to a CNC lathe). I have 12 inches(I could probably push it to 15 inches) in which to fit the spring, piston, cylinder, and hop-up.

My budget is $200. This is a rough budget, I could probably got to around $225. So with what I already have around $109 left for the hop-up and piston. I need a full hop-up, and I do not plan on buying a boneyard gun. The reason I am asking for help is I do not know much about what is best for the internals of an airsoft rifle, and I am looking for good accuracy, range, and power and do not wish to get a bad part and have to buy another.

I will update this thread with reports and pictures of my progress when I get into the building stages.

Thank you!:)

P.S. If this is the wrong place to post this I apologize, it seemed like the best out of the options I had.
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Sooo you're building a spinger M107/M82??
Why don't you try to make something like the friend Ronald here:

It would be semi auto at least...

Hope the best for this project ... Keep us updated!

Either way I think he'll pass his budget don't you agree?

He needs a receiver from a donor gun plus the rest of the upgrade parts.
If he choose the semi auto V2/3 option it'll be cheaper as he could buy a used GB.
IMHO it's easier to track a cheap V2 or V3 GB than a cheap let's say BAR10.

If you're still going for VSR internal then you should build the M99, perhaps you could buy a broken one for cheap and skip the fabricating process!

1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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