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Sniper Basics: Ambush

So I didn't see a guide up on here about ambushing tactics, or really any other tactics so I wanted to be able to share my knowledge with you. Although ambushing is a tactic used not only by snipers, but by almost all units, I want to make this guide fitting to us. Be easy, this is my first, but post up anything you feel should be added.

Being a sniper, most of us use Bolt Action Sniper Rifles, limiting us to the amount of BB's we can sling down range. So when ambushing you have to be careful and observant before taking the shot.

When choosing a place to "set up shop" I like to find an area with either a natural choke point or a frequented trail. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Enemies will likely take the path of least resistance, and you take advantage of this.

Take time before the game to make sure your ghillie suit matches the environment, and to make (or plan out) a hide. I usually position my ambush hide about 175-200 feet from the planned spot of engagement. I adjust my rifles hop-up and scope accordingly.

Something I avoid is taking place on a hill overlooking a trail or choke point, It is good to have the higher ground in a firefight, but as a sniper you do not have the same volume of fire as a regular assault players. Rely on your camouflage to conceal you.

If you have been playing the role of the sniper for awhile now, you know this is a very important decision to make. If you are new you need to learn how to make this.

Going back to the point you do not have the same volume of fire, if you see an enemy squad moving down the trail you do not want to engage a member. Their fire superiority and larger numbers will inevitably finally lay a BB on you.

If you see a lone man or even 2 enemies moving along the trail, this choice is harder. If its one man, you may not know if the squad is maneuvering tactically. So I suggest that you take a minute to observe further.

If there are 2 enemies, this choice is hard. You engage the first enemy, and lets say you hit. Cycling your bolt will cause movement, and we know movement attracts attention. So you must either risk blowing your hide, to engage that second man or to sit and wait to see if he continues, or goes back to find more men. (Just by observation, 75% of airsofters will look for cover, but stay in the area. Sitting behind a tree just off the trail, or behind some other cover) I personally engage most of the time, and once I hit the first I wait for the other to move to take cover and cycle my bolt when he is moving. Then its just a matter of sitting and waiting.

Observing is a key part to being a sniper. If you have a dedicated team setup, you can be the overwatch and relay enemy positions to a QRF (Quick Reaction Force). Basically you are staging an ambush in which the members taking part in the ambush know everything about the situation they are going into. Also you can actually begin the ambush by taking the first shot, I usually take either a SAW gunner, or what I can see to be the squad leader.

Your team is your greatest support element, and if you can effectively and clearly relay information to them you will be able to succeed on the battlefield.

Moving out of position:
When moving out of a position I use the bounding method, usually around 75-100 feet. Then stopping to sit, listen, and look. I inform my teammates I am making my extract and they will hustle to the position to either guide me, or to even be a distraction element and return fire if its a hot extract.

In some situations, for longer events, I create a hide around 80-100 yards behind my main spot. When I am extracting or retreating I can "set up shop" and engage pursuing enemies individually.

Teammates are a very important part to being a successful sniper.
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