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battlebelt loadouts

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Ok, I have just gotten a battle belt in the mail and I have a whole bunch of pouches from my plate carrier. The problem is I have no idea how to arrange the pouches, so I just wanted to see how you set up your battle belt (if you have one).
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001 by tjstivers, on Flickr

The MOLLE belt is an ATS War belt in Multicam. The Suspenders are also ATS. The double mag pouch on the left is Tactical Tailor. The dumper on the rear quarter is Maxpedition. The GP (General Purpose) pouch is made by Specter Gear. And the actual belt is just a cheap Condor belt.
I got everything but the condor belt from I couldn't trust any other site more than these guys. My order was processed and shipped in one day, and they went UPS, a huge plus for me. The whole set up ran me about $140 before shipping.

An important thing to note is the tape on the suspenders. Far too often, I see new guys running around with loose webbing just flapping against them. Tape down straps, buckles, and zippers. After you have everything taped, put on all your gear and jump around. Anything making noise needs tape.
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