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battlebelt loadouts

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Ok, I have just gotten a battle belt in the mail and I have a whole bunch of pouches from my plate carrier. The problem is I have no idea how to arrange the pouches, so I just wanted to see how you set up your battle belt (if you have one).
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scar527 said:
What type of suspenders are those, and what type of molle sleve for your belt is that(Both of y'all)? Thanks,

Got it in a trade, still have no clue to this day.
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Nice belt bbs. You run this with an m4? And I see you have the mag guard. ;) Such a dandy little thing to have.
The fact that you have a glock on your belt gives you the right to say you have the sexiest belt here.
Moto, how easy is it to "re-holster" the shotgun? Just curious as to if that is a pain to deal with. Seems like it would take a few minutes on the field to get back in there, unless you take the bag off.
I love a good battle belt loadout. Can we get a pic of her loaded up?
the3rdeye88 said:
I would love to be able to load her up, but I haven't seen any M14 mid caps available for months. I'll try to get a picture with my 1911 and thigh holster attached to it this weekend.
I might be working out something with another member who would be including a good bit of m14 mids. Depending on how many I find fit to use, I might be able to sell some to you. Will PM you if I end up getting a hold of the m14.
jamface54 said:
This might sound suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper stupid, but are those kives real on everyones pics as they dont look it. If they arn't then what are they for?
Knife kills. And yes some are fake, the ones that are not fake are used to cut veg.
1 - 9 of 114 Posts
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