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battlebelt loadouts

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Ok, I have just gotten a battle belt in the mail and I have a whole bunch of pouches from my plate carrier. The problem is I have no idea how to arrange the pouches, so I just wanted to see how you set up your battle belt (if you have one).
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I usually have just 2 drop bags (for empty mags) on mine. The rest of the stuff you have just put on your vest
So.. does everyone just wear battlebelts and not vests?
Wow.. kinda envious with the battlebelts.

Btw, how to ppl store their short sniper/rifle magazines? I use the 20rd G36 Mags and normal mag pouches are less than desirable (the mags just drop to the bottom of the pouch). Placing them in a dump pouch kinda defeats the purpose of the dump pouch XD
1 - 3 of 114 Posts
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