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battlebelt loadouts

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Ok, I have just gotten a battle belt in the mail and I have a whole bunch of pouches from my plate carrier. The problem is I have no idea how to arrange the pouches, so I just wanted to see how you set up your battle belt (if you have one).
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Newbie I am loving the chest rig, but I have one question, how did you fit the thunder b in the flashbang pouch? I have those two things, but I can't get the thunder b to fit...

Also, what do you run your sidearm in?

Fuzzy and ctman I love the setups, but what is the holster pouch called?
I'm lovin the belt loadout there, but what holster is that for the 1911?

By the way very sexy 1911 :)
Toomanybbs, I love the loadout and what holster is that? I wanna say the HSS molle holster, but I am not for sure.

2Echo, I love the Glock in the m4 pouch type idea, looks SO sexy. Also, what type of radio is that and what headset is that?
My field allows us to bring knives as long as we don't use it ON PEOPLE lol i forgot to post that or threaten to use it on another person.
I think this thread is very helpful to newer people and it sure helped me. I know it is a necro post, but picture threads shouldn't go away.
lets keep this alive
Love it Spectre. Lets keep this thread going, it has some great pics.
1 - 8 of 114 Posts
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