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battlebelt loadouts

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Ok, I have just gotten a battle belt in the mail and I have a whole bunch of pouches from my plate carrier. The problem is I have no idea how to arrange the pouches, so I just wanted to see how you set up your battle belt (if you have one).
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Thanks. I had been meaning to get a full rig for a while. Didn't get to it till like a month ago. All I'm missing for my load out is my Multicam BDUs which are so damn expensive.
It sucks that they're banning most multicam uniforms from most milsim ops in my area.
It sucks that they're banning most multicam uniforms from most milsim ops in my area.
Why are they getting banned?:bs:
Because its a grey area camo. It looks like tan to some and green to others. So basically to much confusion.
I've only seen this at the more milsim events currently. Although I'm sure it'll creep its way into smaller and less strict events.
Is the purpose of the different camouflages to distinguish teams? I feel like it's stupid to ban an effective camouflage at a military simulation event..... Figuring out who's on your side is part of war too. Where I live there are no milsim events, so all this is new to me.
I know a few Events that have banned Multicam too. It is a distinctive camo though. I do not see what is too hard about declaring it Green or Tan and expecting teams to identify targets before engaging. That is a military skill and this is a military simulation.

Anyway, there is come of my load out. I also have my pistol on the other side and my pistol mags behind the ammo pouch in the front. On the left bracer, I have a compass pouch with my killrag.

I tried to resize it, but the suggestion in did not work.
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^You sound suprised/ confused.
Yes the purpose of different camouflages is to distinguish teams. It's strictly TAN vs GREEN.

At a distance it is very hard to distinguish the color of the uniform and even more so depending on the background.

The only grey area camo that they have not banned is ACU which they consider to be green. Most teams however don't run ACU for obvious reasons.

It's a military simulation but it's still a game. Either way overseas soldiers aren't allowed to wear whatever camo they want so there is no reason why banning multicam at those events is illogical.
There is less overall confusion and less team killing. Especially on a mout course like pine plains where you are engaging inside of buildings shooting 420fps on .25g bbs. It causes more frustration and for the repeatability of the event the staff had to accommodate the players on that one.

If you are curious about it you could read more here.
Thanks for that golden, I understand now. It makes total sense for big OPs, and such. My only quarrel with the BDU vs. DCU thing is the obvious advantage that the environment will give to one team. That said, I think it'd be totally amazing to have all of your enemies matching, and have your own team/forces be the same. Having only ever played small, private games, it's just a total different deal.
No problem. Tan in woodland environments aren't that bad where I live. So there is a slight advantage to green but not as much as you would expect.
Oh, sweet! I've added going to an OP to my pre-30 list.
I'm actually going to one this weekend in Delaware. It isn't the greatest but it's at least a organized game. Our team is mostly milsim. So OP's are pretty much the goal for us.

Also, planning on going to an OP in Virginia in September. That is strictly milsim and is hosted by blacksheep and lionclaws.
Are you a girl?
Hey! Turns out I am.

I am not confused, but I am annoyed. In general, I find the Milsims to be more about being pretentious than proficient, along the lines of the inverse function of gear cost, which might be satired as "I used Systema and everything! Hows I losing?". How hard would making an IFF card be? Maybe paste it over the back of an infantry leader card, since we generally do not fill out paperwork when we return.

Take this one: at a distance, use magnification. Lord knows Milsimmers can bring all sorts of useless, expensive kit. Why not a monocular at least?

Seems I stumbled into a conversation about a specific venue, though. I can agree that there is no reason MC has to be in every game any more than any other camo. The complaint that it is too hard to figure out is something to be sneered at. Some elite player!

It really bothers me because when I go to a milsim, I do not want an arena game. I came to be surrounded be people who do not eat grass when I ask for grazing fire.
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I wasn't asking if you were confused. I was asking the guy directly above that post.

As for the rest I'm not going to get into it here since it has already been thread jacked enough.
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