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Battlefield Bad company 2

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Ok, so I just got this game due to the fact that I do not like COD at all. I love the whole sniping feature, where you have to aim higher at longer distances. Its a lot of fun. Got a few games in and then took a break for some dinner

Went to get back on later, and got this stupid "cannot connect to ea games server". I tried connecting over and over again. No luck. I did some research online, and it turns out this is a very very common problem.

It seems that EA games has too many people and not enough room on their servers. Same thing happened to COD MW2 for awhile. Hopefully it will clear out alittle, because the game was simply awesome.

But for now...bummer.

Just my luck, rifle is down and so is the server for BBC. :-/
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Ps3, and right now still no luck. I did some more research and all of the problems were occurring back in March/May.

But a few guys were talking about how it was still doing it to them to this day. The wierd part is I got a few good games in. But now I guess the servers are just too filled up.
Yeah that is the one bad thing with the PS3 side of things.

I use my 360, but I have to pay to get online to play. So sad to say I don't get online and play

They should make it all free to play online, and have the servers be HUGE! That and make the different systems all work together.
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I also use the 360, but they have never had service problems for BFBC2.
Really? When I was reading up trying to find the problem, some guys were talking about how the problem was on PC, xbox, Ps3, etc.

Cannot disagree with you though, as my friends all have xbox and I believe they never had a problem either. Maybe just lucky, or the problems only occurred for alittle while. All I know is that its not my connection thats the problem as every other game works fine.
The main reason for that is because xBox users pay, thus microsoft has a staff that maintains the servers. so if there is a problem it doesnt last very long. where as pretty much every game I have heard of that is a Massive Multi-player game has had problems on the PS3 since they basically just throw the servers up and check in on them once in a while to make sure they havent all crashed... same reason they stopped making all the PS3s backwards compatible, its was costing a (*@#& ton of money to update all the games to work on it.
I just spent about two hours talking to tech support. I tried a bunch of different things they told me to do, and now am waiting on some test results. Not even sure what the tests are going to achieve, but I felt like cooperating since I am no computer whizz.

Anyways, its really a shame. All my other games are up and running, and the fact that EA responded by saying "we are not experiencing any connection errors". I felt like typing up a major rant, and including links to all the forums that have people saying how they cannot connect to the game. But for now, I decided to cooperate with them, and see where that gets me. If that does not lead me anywhere, watch out EA, here comes fuzzy.
Ah, the long debate over whats better. I vote the gameboy

Anyways, after a long discussion, I got an email today stating that I had a weak connection, and that I needed to contact my internet company.

Bullshit, I have a hell of a good connection, and if every other game works great, why should this one not? Besides, it worked a few days ago, and my connection is still the same. Seems to me like EA is just trying to make up some lame excuses as to why their servers suck so bad. I have friends on xbox who have the same problem come up every now and then too. Thats what grinds my gears. EA just cannot fess up to their mistake here. Its kind of funny too, because one tech support guy said it was temporary and another said it was my fault. Hmmm, me confused ::)
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dude i had the same problem for a week on and of but after that time frame it just started working. and i havent had that problem in like a month.
the best sniper game and a whole bunch better than MW2
Yeah this game does rock!

I love the way bullets act in flight. I just wish that I could play online.
Ambush, it sounds like it is not a problem on our end, but a problem on theirs. I mean, it worked for a day, and then stopped. Every time I tell them that my other games work and all, they ignore it and say contact your internet company. I am so close to just returning the game now, because online is so much fun, and without it, it is basically torture for me. The campaign is good, but online is just so much fun. Its like having a great fully upgraded sniper rifle, but no bbs.

Edit: This is my LATEST conversation with good ol' EA tech support.

[quote:kpy2zdu9]DORIAN: Hi, my name is DORIAN. How may I help you?
: I am having some major problems with Battlefield Bad Company 2. Every time I come here for help, support says its my end thats the problem. However, it worked for a day and stopped working after that. By not working, I mean the internet connection fails to connect to EA. But all my other games work for online play, whats up with the servers??
DORIAN: May I have some information to investigate the issue?
Your Email Address:

: [email protected], fuzzywolly: I already got some help on this, and it was no good. Just wondering if this is really on my end, because I have tried numerous things here, and this is the only game that is causing probs
DORIAN: The online ports for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can be found below:
TCP outgoing

UDP outgoing

* It may also help to open the incoming UDP port 10000.

: I have all those numbers and stuff, but tech would not give me any advice how to check them.
DORIAN: Please take the help from the Network Administrator
DORIAN: They will be better person to assist in this
DORIAN: Please also check the following :- # Firewalls and Routers can also cause this issue. Hardware Routers/Firewall should enable ports as well as disable the Default Firewall if you
ya mine pulled through. i was about to return it but it started working.. i hope it starts working for you to bud. ive heard some bad things about EA servers...
You need to start playing online woogie, it makes the game worthwhile.
LOL oh yeah I know it does. I usually don't have time or can't stand getting rolled over and over. It is one thing to play in a LAN party, but online you get all those punk little kids .... .
That is why i turned so that i only can talk to my friends.
I really would like to get an xbox, but the Blue Ray feature with movies is pretty sweet. So sticking with the ps3 for now.

I am going to try it again tonight. But for now, Rainbow Six Vegas 2
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