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BB a new problem on an old topic

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Hello there. I have just joined you, but I am a very old reader. I had memorized this forum before I got into this sweet trouble. Now, I would like to get rid of the old topics and ask you a question again.

I have SSG10-A1. I'm going to wear an m170 spring for this girl. How many grams of bb should I use? The snipers in my team use 43 gr. When I ask the service, they say take 45 gr. Can you put an end to this indecision I entered for 0.2 gr? Thanks
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I recommend .45-.49g, they'll give you the best range and accuracy.

That spring fatigue thing is ridiculous, BB weight has nothing to do with that, but leaving you gun cocked for hours does.

For stuff to prepare your rifle, wrap the middle of the piston in copper or lead wire and then tape to get it to 50-65g, and then put it back in your gun.
This will alter your pressure spike and allow you to show heavy BBs more easily.
Just read THIS, it'll be a better help
It won't damage your piston.

FPS rings can damage your spring since it's constantly under tension
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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