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BB a new problem on an old topic

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Hello there. I have just joined you, but I am a very old reader. I had memorized this forum before I got into this sweet trouble. Now, I would like to get rid of the old topics and ask you a question again.

I have SSG10-A1. I'm going to wear an m170 spring for this girl. How many grams of bb should I use? The snipers in my team use 43 gr. When I ask the service, they say take 45 gr. Can you put an end to this indecision I entered for 0.2 gr? Thanks
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M170 should be using .45 or heavier, you have the fps.

Does depend on barrel length you use, the long 410mm is about right for .45.

Do you have a joule limit in your country or the field you play at?
There is no joule limit in my country or in my field. Shooting with rifles under 20 meters is prohibited.

Will 0.45 gr be more stable compared to 0.43gr? The team is talking about the 0.45's piston and spring fatigue. What a true statement. Do you agree with this? (standard barrel)

By the way, thank you very much for your quick response. I did not expect that :)
I recommend .45-.49g, they'll give you the best range and accuracy.

That spring fatigue thing is ridiculous, BB weight has nothing to do with that, but leaving you gun cocked for hours does.

For stuff to prepare your rifle, wrap the middle of the piston in copper or lead wire and then tape to get it to 50-65g, and then put it back in your gun.
This will alter your pressure spike and allow you to show heavy BBs more easily.
Many thanks for the information. You really saved me from a big mess.

''wrap the middle of the piston in copper or lead wire and then tape to get it to 50-65g, and then put it back in your gun.''
I just don't understand how to do the process you mentioned here. Do you have a video or resource? If you did, can you post a picture of it?
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Yeah heavier is almost always better, especially at high energy. I wrap mine in solder and then put a few layers of electrical tape to hold it on. At about 60g, it increases .48g bb joule output relatively substantially.
Just read THIS, it'll be a better help
do fps rings work for weight? Or air brake pins. I'm afraid of damaging the piston while doing this.
Just read THIS, it'll be a better help
it was very enlightening. I am grateful
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Fps rings work, but they dont add weight. They basixally jusy make the spring under more tension (like getting a bigger spring). Heavier pistons sre more efficient.
ok thank you very much
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