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Im in UK now and need to get a new batch of BB's, have been using .25 BAW's and haven't had any problems, but they're not the most consistant. My BAW bags are all empty now, hehe, so I'm after bb's that were highly rated to me, Goldenballs in .25 or heavier.

My question is, how do you get GB's in the UK? All i can find is Excel,Bllaster, Madbull and BAW... Also found some King Arms and Guarder but im not sure how they fair against Goldenballs... I did find the "megastore" but they do not ship outside the CONUS, please help me out guys, i dont wanna go back to BAW's...

Thanks in advance

If i really cant get GB's, is there a bb in the same class? Please dont say Maruzen SGM's, they're quite pricey and i planed on buying 10'000 haha.

I know there isnt a "best bb" so leave that grave alone, I'm very keen on: litlle to no internal bubbles, an exterior that leaves little to no residue when it rubs against something, and a nice smooth exterior.

All suggestions welcome, all advice encouraged. Thanks!

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