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BB Diameter vs. Inner Barrel Diameter

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Let's assume ideal conditions (perfect polish and roundness, exactly the same BB weight, same energy output, same inner barrel lengths, etc):

If a BB diameter is 5.99mm and you're using a 6.04 ID barrel, the difference in size is 0.05mm.

If a BB diameter is 5.95mm and you're using a 6.00 ID barrel, the difference in size is also 0.05mm.

Would the performance be the same? => FPS and accuracy to be specific.
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I think the MadBull's are around 5.98 +- 0.01 or something like that. I'm sure the actual size of that brand vary a lot. Bioval's are actually one of the smallest being around 5.96 I think. It's been a long time since I've read it, but the MadBull brand actually says the weight on the bottle.
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