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BB Diameter vs. Inner Barrel Diameter

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Let's assume ideal conditions (perfect polish and roundness, exactly the same BB weight, same energy output, same inner barrel lengths, etc):

If a BB diameter is 5.99mm and you're using a 6.04 ID barrel, the difference in size is 0.05mm.

If a BB diameter is 5.95mm and you're using a 6.00 ID barrel, the difference in size is also 0.05mm.

Would the performance be the same? => FPS and accuracy to be specific.
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Agreed, the best ID difference from my research is 0.08mm.

No one has actually posted data for the above claim ^^^ (at least from my internet sifting), but I'll continue to blindly follow the 6.03mm crowd as that many people can't be wrong... I hope!
Madbull BB's are "suppose" to be 5.95+/-1, but whether that's true or not is beyond my knowledge :)

Matrix (Evike brand) bb's are labeled as 5.98+/-na.
--- Someone claimed that they measured these bb's to be 5.99mm on average. I cannot cite or vouch for that person, but with a BB labeled 5.98mm, a 5.99mm average wouldn't be unbelievable.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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