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Bb flight path

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Man my bbs wont fly straight ... right now I'm @ 400 fps and @ 75 feet my bbs fly to the left. .. any advice?

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No problem buddy.. Louisiana huh?, nice. I just moved back to michigan in november from Gulfport Mississippi, this winter was nice! "Down there,not up here,lol.."
Will putting spacers in increase any rifles accuracy? I opened up mine and there was none whatsoever.
Yes sir it should. The vibration and wobble/flex will make your rifle sling bb's all over the place. I have the same issue with my stepsons rifle and have to fix it today.
The spring rifles NEED the spacer because of the vibrations, gas non recoil guns can live without them!

ummm. So your saying that only bolt action rifles have inner barrels that move back and forth when shooting? NOT true.. electric, gas, bolt, etc.. They ALL need to have snug fitting inner barrels. Thats an accuracy thing. I guess if you dont mind not hitting your target the spacers are needed. I tend to wanna hit my enemy instead of making a sweet outline around him,lol..
Yes you're correct but the gas sniper rifles like KJW/tanaka M700 the broduce zero vibrations, some guys install spacers and some (me included) don't . I installed some in my old AICS but on my current I didn't mostly because is very time consuming due to the conical design of the outer barrel! I've made some for my CA M24 that has a strait barrel and indeed there's a difference.

I dont see how they dont produce vibrations. unless they came up with some sort of titanium inner barrel and made it way thicker,lol..

I know my old KJW "gas" I noticed when pulling the trigger the inner barrel would move forward and back when shooting. I was still new to airsoft for the most part and now that I think about it.That would be bad to make spacers cause then the inner barrel wouldnt slide back and forth like its supposed to do. Is that what your talking about?
Nope mine is rock solid I don't see how the trigger can move the barrel! Also I'm using a Best Gun outer barrel that leaves very small room for spacer.

It was on my old KJW MK1. When the trigger pulled the inner barrel would pull back. I thought it was an odd setup myself
Sorry for the double post.

King Kranium...
Here are some pics of what I did for my stepsons rifle today. His only had one barrel spacer and was pretty janky,lol..

After this I cut it to be more rounded and then taped. I wrapped the tape forward as to get some grip onto the inner barrel so when I slide it back into the barrel they stay in place.

After I put her back together and ran a few shots I smiled cause the bb's were shooting nice and straight! Now I have to take her all back apart and see why the hopup isnt engaging enough. I think the bucking was worn out. I noticed it didnt look real perfect but I was hoping it'll still do the job. It didnt,lol..
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Thanks for the info, I'm going to put them in now
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I just posted at the same time as you,lol.. I have pics showing my ugly foam spacers but they really did the job buddy. You will not be disapointed when you add yours in.
Do the spacers need to be the full length of the barrel
You can space them out an inch or so till about an inch from the tip and dont forget to leave room for the hopup slider. if the foam pacers arent perfectly centered dont worry it will smash more on that side, just make sure its not too much over cause that could cause pressure on the inner barrel and curve it slightly and make the shots curve.
Thanks ranger ill be doing something similar to my rifle in a few...
Ill include pics I'm just not home at the moment.
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Looking for materials .. hope this will help my flight path. What is the tdc mod? Can I get a link plz?

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Just finished putting the spacers in. I used masking tape to make them. I shot a few rounds and my accuracy has greatly improved. I need to re-zero the scope a bit but other than that great improvement. Brilliant advice. Thanks Ranger.
Sweet! I am glad it worked for you my friend.. I'm happy to help. "Brought a smile to my otherwise miserable day,lol.. "
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