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Bb flight path

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Man my bbs wont fly straight ... right now I'm @ 400 fps and @ 75 feet my bbs fly to the left. .. any advice?

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Yeah that is the standard crappy barrel spacer you get on most BASR'S these days

No problem buddy.. Louisiana huh?, nice. I just moved back to michigan in november from Gulfport Mississippi, this winter was nice! "Down there,not up here,lol.."
Gulfport huh? Lol. Wish I would go back north for the summer. Already averaging 89 degrees here...

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I use a mix of the aftermarket spacers (the white plastic with two o-rings) and foam. It works great because the spacers keep it centered while the foam stops it from vibrating.

I took out the barrel to clean it, and did a little experiment. I held it lightly between my forefinger and thumb and flicked one end of the barrel. It actually sounded like an acoustic guitar string. Talk about vibrating.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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