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BB Quality and how it can Affect a Gun

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Today I ordered my first rifle from Airsoft Megastore, and after the order was completed the site recommended a couple of videos on BB quality and how low-quality BBs can damage your internals.

From these videos I've learned that seamless BBs can be misleading in their construction, and that many retail store brands are practically polished seamed BBs. Obviously, this can increase the chances of breaking and screwing up your gun. I bought an AGM VSR10, and at the moment I have three quarters of a 5k box of Crosman .20s. After testing one with a pair of pliers, the BBs are seamed but polished. Should I be worried about the BBs breaking inside of the gun because of their quality, or does the bolt action prevent this from happening or lower the chances of BB breakage? Should I look into investing in high quality ammunition before I use a single Crosman, or can I spare some time before I order new ones?
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Crosman is a low quality bb, brands like bioshot, ksc, goldenball and guarder are a lot better, I don't like madbulls, but some of here use them.
I don't think they will break your gun, they will just have worse accuracy and range.
Alright. I was worried, because I can't imagine a worse feeling in airsoft than to have the first shot fired from a brand new gun set you back a little bit. Goldenball seems like a really nice brand, I might see what I can do about getting myself some of those.

Another thing you should consider, steels, is that you should be using heavier bbs for both accuracy and range. Something around .30 should do you well. .20 bbs will perform like shyte for both, with a sniper rifle.
Derp, how could I forget the weight? Thanks for the reminder, I'll probably buy some .3s soon.

On the topic of weight, if this gun fires at a theoretically consistent 420 fps, then what is the highest and/or lowest functional BB weight I could use?
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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