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BB wieght

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Im new into the sniper world and have just been informed my bb wieght is too small. So i have a echo 1 m28 500 fps. What wieght bb should i be putting through it?

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This is a highly debated topic. Some like very heavy ammo, such as .4s. Look up the airsoft trajectory project, and it will become quite clear as to why heavy is better with the sniper rifles. But then there is the very important issue of bb quality. Unfortunately, high-density styrene is apparently difficult to cast with consistent density. This leads to bbs with the center of mass not at the center, which can lead to more inconsistent/erratic flight patterns. Many argue that the heavy weight has a far greater effect, and helps keep the bb steady in spite of this. Heavy ammo is also a bit less affected by wind. Many others prefer the lighter (but still heavier than normal) Maruzen .29s and Bioval .3s, and other similarly weighted bbs with very consistent diameters and consistently centralized weight distribution for their very consistent flight patterns and quality assurance. I recommend trying a variety at some point and seeing what works best for you in your hop-up and barrel setup and field conditions.
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dmh078 has it right on the money. It all comes down to personnel preference. I personally like Madbull .36 and .4 bbs. Others like the lighter, but still relatively heavy .29/.3 bbs. Basically, like dhm078 said, try a bunch of different kinds. It will give you the opportunity to see how your rifle performs with each weight bb, and what weight works best for certain situations. For instance, on an extremely windy day, a heavier bb might be necessary/required.

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Thanks guys. I will more than likely try out the .3s or .36s since they're somewhat in the middle.
And will do fuzzywolly

I use madbull .4's and they work fantastic for me. My M24 is a tack driver. Try to stay away from matrix bb's as well, I used their .4's and they had the problem as mentioned above and were overall just terrible bb's.
I have two guns that I love.

Echo1 ASR 540FPS

Well G96D 577FPS

I shoot madbull .30g bbs in both and I have great results so far.
Depends on the rifle itself.

Much like real steel rifles, each of the airsoft rifles will like different bb's.

My CA M24 that I had, which was shooting at 600fps loved the madbull .43's. While my PDI L96 loved the Bioval .27's, she was shooting at 550 fps.

It really depends on what you have on hand and what your rifle will shoot well.

The best bet is to get a few different brands and weights, and give them all a try.
I agree with Woogie. My L96 (mishmash of parts) loves the BBKing .32g bbs, and everything else just skyrockets (90 degree angle here...). Have not, however, tried bioval OR SGMs though...
I find it all depends on the gun. .28s work better in the UTG L96, but, in my own personal ECHO 1 ASR, .3s feed through it like it's the guns job!
Just to add my experience, once again, its all about the gun, you just have to test and see.

My VSR loved MB .36s
My M24 loved MB .4s
My SR-25 likes Bivoal .27s
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