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Hey guys!

First off, heres my rig:
Edgi Bull Barrel 303mm
Polar Star Bull Barrel Spacers
Polar Star Piston
PSS10 Spring Guide
M170 Spring
Reinforced Sears
4-16x40mm Centerpoint Scope
DIY Reinforced Hop-Up
Firefly Hard bucking

So, question.
I was working on my hop up one day, when I accidentally tore my Nine-Ball bucking. Sad, I decided to see if I could hunt down an elusive (at least for me) Firefly. So, finding one, I purchased the hard version, installed it, and took it out to test her.
So, with the hop up completely off:
My first shot went straight into the ground in front of me (I was prone) Drop of about ~6 inches, and it hit hard. Adjust scope up.
My second shot got ~5 feet of lift at 230 feet or so. Adjust scope down.
My third got ~7 feet of lift at 230 feet. Adjust scope down.
My fourth went straight into the ground in front of me. Again, 6 inches and it hit hard.
Well, basically the cycle repeats. I'd either hit the ground, or I'd get 3 to 7 feet of hop-up lift at 230 feet, with the hop up off. I think I got one to go where I wanted it, out of 40 or so shots.
I had no problem with BB's going left or right, just up and down.

As far as the DIY hop-up reinforcement, I had placed a small piece of electrical tape on the hop up rubber to help improve airseal, and if I had to guess, that is where my problem lies. Other things done to the hop up include reinforcing and shimming the arm along the top, and reinforcing the black plastic bar along the left side of the unit.

So, anyways, I'm removing the e-tape, and hoping that helps.
If anyone else has any thoughts, please don't hesitate.

And, sadly, this is the reason I wasn't able to enter the monthly competition. I should've used my secondary GBB. Maybe would of won too!

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But thats what has me stumped. I didnt reinforce it anywhere were it would affect the actual contact between the arm and the rubber. And the e-tape was placed on the other side, the "down barrel" side.

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If you're using the stock hop-up arm, that's probably the problem. The firefly bucking, with it's notched nub, isn't designed to work well with the stock arm, which has those "fangs" as opposed to a flat protrusion. This can cause the nub to push into the barrel in a way such that it does not split properly as designed, causing the bucking to impart all sorts of spins on the bb, making it very inconsistent.
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