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BB's for my sniper rifle

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Ok, so I'm running a JG Bar 10, all Laylax internals, m190 spring, firely bucking. That about sums that up. I'm looking for specific suggestions for BB's. I've read the Maruzen sgm .29's are the top of the line best bb. But I'd rather not pay upwards of $20 for only 500 BB's. Also, people seem to suggest the heavier Madbull and King Arms BB's, but I've read that the more recent productions have been really poor and really complete crap. Therefore at the moment I'm leaning towards Bioval .30's (can't find bioval .4's anywhere) but I would just really like to have a heavier be .4-.43 since I'll be shooting so hot. Any suggestions for BB's are welcome. Thanks guys!
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Another ammo thread? Since you're running an M190, I'd go with MadBull 0.40g's. Your best bet is to buy a few different brands and see for yourself though.
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