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Hey guys I was just wondering, because Im new to Sniping, I would like some help with BBs.

I just ordered a RA-Tech/WE M14 for my DMR/Spotter weapon and I would like to know what brand, and wieght of BB to use.

So here are the Spec you will probably need to know:

*Gun will shoot 450 FPS As per Colorado rules

*M14 has a 6.03mm Tightbore

Thank you guys for your help in advance!
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You should be using the highest quality BB you can effectively lift. Just as a heads up, your probably going to be shooting hotter than 450, just my speculation.
It has an NPAS kit so its all good there, I can dial it in on whatever FPS i want from 300 to 500 is what RA Tech says.

And I have just always use Bioshot (Lately I have called them BioSh*t because it seems like their quality has dropped) but they only go up to .25s and that wont be enough. I Heard that any where from .3 to .4 would work well in this gun but what brand do you guys see the most consistency from?
Most consistent BBs are the machined ones, or SGMs, how ever, I personally doubt the capabilities of a GBBR as a DMR without an HPA rig, but I love to be proved wrong. Just start with .28s and move from there. Some guns only like certain ammo, it's not cheap, but I'd bet you'd be able to buy handfuls of different BBs from local snipers.
Ok thanks! And Watch a scoutt the doggy video with the RA-tech M14 EBR and that is my gun minus the EBR, and the guy in the video is just wrecking the enemy team, while its snowing, without HPA.
I have had good luck with the listed brands below. I would try to stick with a white .27-.33g BB until you get use to your replica. Colored BBs can offer some great weights but they are also harder for you to see in flight. At 450FPS w/ .2g BBs you should remember that you may end up passing 1.8j if you use heavier BBs. You need to mind your MED and chrono each BB weight because they can change in joules dramatically. We all know your velocity will go down but its a matter of by how much. In most cases, not enough. In the colder seasons you should be fine but in the summer you will really need to be careful. If you go to an external air rig you can pretty much choose your velocity. If you do start your PSI out low and work your way up. Propane is usually around 120-130PSI.

G&G .28g (cheap, almost or more cheap than TSD)
Airsoft Elite .28g (5.98mm bigger than most BBs)
PHX .28g (hard to find)
Golden Ball .3g (cheap)
KSC .3g (kinda a standard but not my favorite)
Madbull .4g (great for high wind and brush)
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