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51 Posts has .43's, but I don't know the quality yet - they aren't straights. I ordered them yesterday, so I don't expect to get any for a week or so. I'll certainly post up a review. If you do order, apparently shipping for under $25 is $12, over is around $5. I was gonna order 2 bags, went with 3 instead.... I'll try to do a basic writeup on how well they do, size-wise, weightwise, and all that. [Edit: Moments after posting this, I got an email from them saying they shipped em out...]

If precision airsoft has .36's, they do not list them, at least not under anything that searching comes up with. I did notice that they want $25 for 500 rounds of KSC Grand Champion .29s...which is $9-10 more than airsoftatlanta wants for Maruzen .29 SGMs...they had better be some DAMN good BBs for that kinda money....

If you find a place for .36s or .43s (straight, preferably), do let the rest of us know. I really am hoping to find some .36s, since I should be covered for a while for .43s, .30s, and .29s....\

Good luck :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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