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bearing spring guide keeps breaking?

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Hey, I have a custom upgrade snow wolf m24 with all aps2 upgraded parts.

I had a modify 7mm in there which I found out was wrong for the spring, after that one broke(the little copper piece that holds the bearings into place literally broke in half) I got the correct 9mm one that was the right size for my spring. I was shooting it today and the same thing happened. My gun is running a laylax sp190 spring has a modify copy of the lalax 3 element piston. Whats causing this? Has anyone had a problem similar to this? Am I just cheaping out on the spring guide? Please let me know I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time guys
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Probably the fact you have a monster of a spring in their. Pics would be very helpfull. I know what broke, I would just like to see how it broke.
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