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bearing spring guide keeps breaking?

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Hey, I have a custom upgrade snow wolf m24 with all aps2 upgraded parts.

I had a modify 7mm in there which I found out was wrong for the spring, after that one broke(the little copper piece that holds the bearings into place literally broke in half) I got the correct 9mm one that was the right size for my spring. I was shooting it today and the same thing happened. My gun is running a laylax sp190 spring has a modify copy of the lalax 3 element piston. Whats causing this? Has anyone had a problem similar to this? Am I just cheaping out on the spring guide? Please let me know I would really appreciate it. Thank you for your time guys
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Any chance this was caused by the bar that sits behind the spring guide falling down into the trigger mech? It looks like there's supposed to be a pin or screw that keeps it in the up position, but every time I take it apart it looks to have dropped about 1/4".
I don't think thats why. I have seen other people running the 210 spring and not even have this issue. I have noticed that the snow wolf doesn't have any pin or screw in the trigger box to hold the peice that pushes the spring guide forward to lock with the sear. As a result this peice keeps dropping down into the trigger box. There is even a hole there to block this, so I blocked it with a screw. Ill pick up a first factory spring guide. If it happens again Ill post back.

This part keeps dropping

I beleive this dropping is angleing the spring guide upward causing the spring to wrap around the bearing, then when fire it rips it open sending all of the ball bearings flying out of it and breaking the copper peice that holds them together.
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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