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I just recently picked this stuff up. I have yet to use it in a gun yet, but I am pretty sure its going to be a solid gearbox grease.

Begadi Ceramium Gun Grease 30g

So go look at it and look at the pics. Take note of the details.

Lets go over the info provided by begadi on the english page.

The Begadi Ceramium weapon grease / high-performance lubricant in the 30g can is a special lubricant for mechanical loads and sliding surfaces.

Due to the properties, very small quantities are required and remain in place for a very long time, thus ensuring long-lasting lubrication with emergency running properties. Winter and summer.

Due to the high adhesive force, it is also very suitable for high-speed systems that work with optical sensors (example: Gate Titan).

  • Pressure resistance 270-310 N / cm²
  • Operating temperature range -40 ° C to +1,200 ° C
  • Weatherproof
  • Metal-free, electrically non-conductive special lubricant
  • PTFE & silicone free
  • Not clumping
  • Rubber & plastic neutral
  • High emergency running properties
  • Mixed with ceramic particles
  • Long-lasting
  • Moisture repellent

Particularly suitable for:
  • Gear contact surfaces (ring gear, axis / shaft)
  • Tappet Plate guide rail
  • Piston guide rail

- Ball bearings & bushings

Some of this stuff is pretty self-explanatory, I am not going to go super nerd on the break down as it will likely be a wasted effort on my part as it will likely be way over peoples heads.

So lets start with the big ones. Optical sensor friendly, very small quantities required, weatherproof, and electrically non-conductive. If you are using an optical trigger, you will be happy to know you are going to have a really difficult time getting this grease to sling off your gears and ruin your optical sensors or short it out. It sticks to surfaces impressively well. It pretty much laughs at water. Almost hydrophobic. You will really want to use a small brush to apply this grease. Otherwise you will need some Zep industrial hand cleaner or Fast Orange or an equivalent to get it off. I also needed a nail brush to scrub it off with.

Very small quantities required. Lets say this again. Very small quantities required. Now with feeling... very small quantities required. I dont think you are getting it, one more time. VERY SMALL QUANTITIES REQUIRED. So you get what I am saying now? Hope you paid attention to the pictures on their website. This 30g container is likely going to last me the next 3-4 years at least, unless you are building 20+ AEGs a day for a year... You will absolutely want to apply this with a small paintbrush. "A little bit will go a long way", no truer words have been spoken about an airsoft grease.

Once I am able to pull my P90 apart and fix it. Ill let you all know how it goes. Ill try to remember to take some photos.

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Just woke up, time to rip open my p90. Also ordered some begadi buckings, the Vario piston head, their ceramic bearings (in 7mm and 8mm), and the PD9 can. It's for science. I dont have a problem, you guys do.... as much as I may want to order some calmflex, I think I am going to try out one of these foam pads instead. (Mostly because I already have them.) 48 Pack Black 12"X 12"X1" Acoustic Panels Studio Soundproofing Foam Wedge Tiles, : Musical Instruments

I am going to be printing out one of these too. Airsoft P90 LITE Upper Receiver 3D Printable Digital File - Etsy

Going to modify it to have the regular 14mm CCW threads for the can. Any whosits, to work I go.

Edit: Going to be a bit, need to replace the gears. The shafts on 2 of the gears fell out.

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I still use the tamaya. The 2 are different. The Begadi reminds me of thick oil paint, consistency wise and how it spreads. I haven't looked at the MSDS or anything. But I'm 50% sure that the ceramic is different from the tamaya. Tamiya is a boron nitride grease, not sure about the ceramium. Might have a look later, unless someone else knows.

First time I have ever had a set of gears that the shafts slid out of the gears. Spectacular grenade.

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Its build time. I was a bit limited on the parts I could get, so I updated the motor from the stock echo1 motor to a ZCI 16tpa "high speed" motor (new), lonex red piston, lonex cylinder set (mushroom type, yeah I know not great or optimal blah blah blah), King Arms helical 100:300 "normal" torque gears (new), begadi 7mm ceramic bearings (new), action army m95 spring (new), modify shims, prowin chamber, lonex barrel, begadi MAG 5 bucking (new), begadi nub (new).

I wont be able to get to it until next weekend, too much going on right now.

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So I put my gearbox back together. I remembered to take some photos.

Hood Automotive lighting Automotive design Flooring Automotive tire

Automotive exterior Grille Bumper Gas Engineering

Jeans Hood Wood Automotive lighting Guitar accessory

Hand Finger Nail Automotive tire Thumb

100% like I thought. Grease in the form of oil paint. I used massively small amount for the coverage. I'm pretty sure that 30g jar is a lifetime supply for me. I used a #2 round brush from hobby lobby. More or less perfect for the application.

Coverage is impressive, will report back later on how it performs. Initially I think it will be similar to using the Tamiya grease on the gears and piston. Time will tell though.

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Hmm dumb idea test time, I think I may try lubing up one of my beat up saltwater reels with this. Would be interesting to see what happens.

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Report back time! I have been tweaking my P90 for a bit, shaking out the feeding gremlin. Think I finally got rid of it. Feeds flawlessly on semi. Power wise, its a little lower then what I wanted, .75J on .32g. I was more aiming for .9J but i will live with it.

So the grease... I can't even tell I have used it. I know I have shot over 1000 bbs with it, but its all in the exact same spots I painted it on. Has not globbed up on the piston or anything. No oxidation like with the Tamiya (turns yellowish after a little bit.) Still bright white like when I first applied it. Think I may lube up my 249 next as that eats bags of bbs like its nothing.

Stats for the P90:
Echo1 E90
Barrel group:
Lonex Steel 6.03x247mm barrel
Begadi MAG5 60 bucking
Begadi 70 nub
ProWin chamber (shimmed)

Lonex cylinder kit (cylinder head, cylinder, piston head (mushroom type), nozzle)
King Arms 100:300 helical gears
Lonex Sector chip
Begadi Ceramic 7mm Bearings
Lonex red piston
Modify anti reversal latch
Stock spring guide
Action Army m95 spring
Shadow Regime M-trigger with Gate MERF
ZCI high speed motor 16TPA
Venom 2000 mah 20c 7.4V

Angel Custom trigger
Angel Custom extension
Laylax Mag Catch
Avengers p90 sling
FMA clone weapon link

So far it's a nasty little beast. It gets to go to the field tomorrow. :devilish:
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I just did some maintenance on a couple of my pistols and decided to test the grease on those to see how they do. So far initial tests look to be quite promising.
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