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Beginner questions

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I have had my Well MB08 for over a year now and I feel like making some upgrades but even after snooping around this forum I still have a couple of unclear questions.

1)I plan on buying a Madbull 6.03 inner barrel, do I need an after market hopup chamber / bucking or will the stock ones work fine.

2) Are barrel spacers worth it? And are there ways to make your own.

3)Right now I'm using the scope that came with the gun :( . Any suggestions on a solid scope?

Suggestions for upgrades are welcome :)
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A common misconception is that a tighter bore gives higher accuracy, that's not true. For long range shooting, a 6.05mm in a 455mm length is best. There is a thread on here titled 'Inner Barrels Resolved', it should clear some things up about barrels. I have a stock hop up chamber and bucking in my MB06, also made by Well, it works amazingly. Barrel spacers are pretty easy to make. There are probably threads on here that will tell you how to make them, or just look it up on YouTube. As for scopes, what's your budget? Barska and Nikon make good scopes.
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