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Hi, all! I thought I'd already posted an intro but can't find it so will re-do.
Dinosaur here, retired Science teacher from Pittsburgh, been living and teaching here in Thailand for a bit over twenty years. Grew up shooting real steel, from Cub Scouts, through Boy Scouts, then the military, and then (while living in Phoenix) shooting every weekend out at a little spot out in the desert past Sun City West, or going up to the Ben Avery range ( exit #223 !! ) off of Hwy 17. Was working on my AZ Firearms Safety Instructor's license when I decided to move here.
Although it's fairly popular here with the kids, I don't play airsoft, a bit old for running around in the woods. So, ALL my shooting is target shooting, ( "plinking" ) with my rifle at an "arcade" I built across the road from my house, with a variety of targets. Although I'm never camo'd, mine is a true 'sniper-style' shooting. I prep alone, sight in, shoot, evaluate, and shoot again...alone. The targets are some spinners, some hanging plastic flats that make a nice sound when hit, and some pics of my favorite traitorous democratic (redundant, I know) politicians' faces mounted on cardboard, etc. I use a Snow Wolf M24, mod'd with an M170 spring, steel trigger sears, and a 6.03/650mm barrel. Gets about 520fps+ with .20s (which I never shoot) and about 485fps or so with .32s.
So, I joined here more for general discussions, tech questions and help on repairs, etc.
Current projects? Reshaping the grip with some epoxy putty to make it more like a MB-05, and then fabricating a TDC kit, as no shops I could find here stock one.
Great site. Cheers! 馃嵒
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