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Best bang for the buck radio+headset

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Well guys, as we all know, snipers need to be good at communication. What do you guys suggest for radios (Walk Talkies, whatever they are called nowadays rofl), and headsets. I'm currently trying to find a good one, and some way to send it through my gear and up into my ear (A headset or throat mic).
Not really sure where to look, i've bounced around to some stores and website, and I am not really sure what i'm looking for, and or at.
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Midland radios (awesome), IASUS NT3 Throat Mic (whisper sensitive).
160 bucks for the stuff I need. I'll wait ;)
Good communications are like good eyepro worth the money. My radio is a UHF programmable one (similar to an ICOM but not mil spec) costs around $130. I run a shoulder mic (think police) with a ear piece that attaches to it. It broadcasts at 5w which is technically illegal per the FCC (max broadcast allowable on FRS channels is .5w). The beauty of it is it is more powerful than everyone else's radio so if someone is hot micing your can transmit over them, and still get your message through.
You can get a decent set of midland radios that include ptt headsets bundled in.
Me and my brother bought these and they work great. If you have someone to split the cost with they aren't that expensive.
Okay so I'm getting more and more into sniping. Im still more of a squad based sniper, being im running around in woodland camo with my squad but that's for another arguement/string of insults. my noob question for now is what the heck am i reading!? I looked at all of the stuff you guys were recomending and I have no idea what the difference is? can anyone give a quick description or show a link of why those throat mics cost nearly 100 dollars and why the radios are ranging from 50 to upwards of 100 dollars? Any help would be more than welcomed!
I'll probably be selling a set of gxt 1000s in the near future.
It would come with two radios, the dual charging base, two rechargeable batteries, belt clips, and one (possibly two if i can find the other) headsets.
^this all came as a package.
I'll probably be letting the set go for really cheap if you hold on for a bit longer.

I just bought a motorola sp50 since our team is switching over so we can have private channels for larger ops. The great thing is that our private channels are legal for all but a few people on our team lol. We then have them programmed to also include the first 8 frequencies of the regular radios so they are still friendly if we need to hook up with a team who doesn't have our private frequency.

I really want a helment setup with the microphone but I am pretty sure it'll be way to expensive.
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