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Hi! Can you tell me about best barrels money can buy?
For most people i think EDGI is "best" solution. I think about custom lapped barrel. Is it worth it? What it gives me?

I have Action Army AAC T10, Wolverine Bolt, Action Army VSR Hop-up Chamber, Maple Leaf Crazy Jet VSR 428mm, Maple Leaf Autobot 60 and looking for better inner barrel. Shooting at 3.5-4J with BLS 48 or Nov 49(48) BBs.
Target: more accurate shots at 70-100m

I found Jaeger Precision and he have "Dominus" VSR 6.03mm stainless steel barrel with 5000 lapping passes with 40-0.5micron for ~155€(with shipping).

Other option is EdGI Custom Works VSR 6.01 stainless steel barrel with 8hrs to 2micron, polishing for 4hrs to 1micron lapping for ~150€(with shipping).

What you think about it and will it make a big difference over Maple Leaf Crazy Jet? Other solutions?

And is there any feedback about Maple Leaf MR rubbers? Planning to order ML MR 60degree.
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