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Best BB for 1 joule VSR

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I play in Italy, max 1Joule for everyone.
My build has a Psionic Upgrades inner barrel and hop-up, which is considered the best in class here in italy.
Their technology says that the set works best with BB's between 0,30 and 0,4.
However, I think 0,38/0,40 is pretty weight for only 1 joule (correct me if I'm wrong) I was thinking to use bbs between 0,3 and 0,36.
I heard that BLS are the best, but I can't find many resellers in Italy.
The next best are Novritsch, so I was thinking to go for them.
If you have any other good brand (better than Novritsch or BLS), easily accessible in europe please let me know.
However, since I will pay a quite expensive delivery I would like to order just one weight, if there is one which would the "best". Which weight do you recommend for such weak spring? Or I need to try all the BB's between 0,3 and 0,4 and find the best myself?

Thank you.
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At 1 joule I would use either between 0.28-0.30gm. Barrel length of 500mm or there about.
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Here are the ratios for a normal VSR10. The WELL is only just a little less in cylinder volume and so I would just use these ratios.
0.3gm bb use a 554mm barrel (15821 mm^3) = 2.26:1
0.32gm bb use a 530mm barrel (15136 mm^3) = 2.36:1
0.36gm bb use a 500mm barrel (14279 mm^3) = 2.51:1
0.4gm bb use a 470mm barrel (13422 mm^3) = 2.67:1
0.43gm bb use a 430mm barrel (12279 mm^3) = 2.92:1
0.45gm bb use a 400mm Barrel (11423 mm^3) = 3.13:1

If you get a 500mm inner barrel then it will shoot any bb weight from 0.36gm downwards.
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