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Best BB for 1 joule VSR

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I play in Italy, max 1Joule for everyone.
My build has a Psionic Upgrades inner barrel and hop-up, which is considered the best in class here in italy.
Their technology says that the set works best with BB's between 0,30 and 0,4.
However, I think 0,38/0,40 is pretty weight for only 1 joule (correct me if I'm wrong) I was thinking to use bbs between 0,3 and 0,36.
I heard that BLS are the best, but I can't find many resellers in Italy.
The next best are Novritsch, so I was thinking to go for them.
If you have any other good brand (better than Novritsch or BLS), easily accessible in europe please let me know.
However, since I will pay a quite expensive delivery I would like to order just one weight, if there is one which would the "best". Which weight do you recommend for such weak spring? Or I need to try all the BB's between 0,3 and 0,4 and find the best myself?

Thank you.
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I would suggest .32g for you.
ESC sells BBs I think, but Novritsch and BLS are proven to be great and may cost less.
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You don't have to bother with cylinder to barrel ratio, you are at about the ideal ratio for 1J with any BBs.
That being said, you'll very likely like .32 the best.
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I think I must go with Novritsch, but when I compare it to the BBs on that google sheet, they look awful... :(

My barrel is 303mm, my customizer said that it is the best for my barrel type and for our 1J
The others really aren't that much better, you'd barely notice a difference.

The whole cylinder to barrel ratio thing is about giving you the maximum FPS with that BB weight, meaning that you would have a bit less noise and have a lighter spring.
But at only 1 joule, it really doesn't matter as long as your barrel isn't too long.
The two advantages to your setup is that it is more maneuverable, and possibly more accurate depending on who you ask.
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The issue is that he could not find BLS BBs, but Novritsch were easily available.

In the future, I suggest that you read everything before posting, as this was already mentioned.
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