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I would say SR-25, it has elongated cylinder which means more air and more power. If you're planning to take AUG because of bullpup configuration then by all means.
But if you are looking for 1J limit then I guess elongated cylinder doesn't matter, or if you want to use wide bore like Magnus 6,23mm.

So other than that, it's back to your preference then. About precision and silent operation, it's all up to internal setting so if you have a good set up then it's done. Make sure you shims your gear perfectly and take shim sets which has 0,15mm shim, allowing you to get more precise shimming. Use correct grease and polished bearings for smooth operation of the gear, and put a proven barrel on it.

Now that I think about it, try Cyma SVU. It is quite pricey but it has excellent hop up unit design which uses TDC so it has really consistent accuracy. It also has elongated cylinder like SR-25 so it doesn't have any problem using even 0,4g bbs. It is also a bullpup which seems to be your liking. The downside is the gearbox assembly pretty much all proprietary
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