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Best pistol under $130(or similar)

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NOTE: I am posting this thread because I am looking for a pistol to accompany me in sniping. By posting this on a sniping forum I can find out what is best for future air soft players and myself, find some legit pistols and their reviews.

Disclaimer aside what is the best(or a really good pistol) under $130.
I have heard that the tm mk23 is a good choice but I havnt seen it new for anything below $175.
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All TM Glocks require upgrade parts almost right out of the box if you use green gas.
the trigger bar bent in in the first 2 mags !!
Not an expansive part but it gives me on my nerves when this is happening.

I'd strongly suggest you to consider the Marui Hi Capa, they are among the best airsoft pistols.
Big gas reservoir and great accuracy and range, plus they have a plethora of upgrade parts for them!

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