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Best pistol under $130(or similar)

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NOTE: I am posting this thread because I am looking for a pistol to accompany me in sniping. By posting this on a sniping forum I can find out what is best for future air soft players and myself, find some legit pistols and their reviews.

Disclaimer aside what is the best(or a really good pistol) under $130.
I have heard that the tm mk23 is a good choice but I havnt seen it new for anything below $175.
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Do you NEED a pistol specifically, or are you just looking for a secondary? Does it have to fit in a holster or could it be slung? What sort of temperatures do you see?

Yes the TM Mk23 is an excellent pistol with the downside of high cost and difficulty finding a holster.

I am looking for one, I would prefer it to be in a holster attached to my leg. I live in Texas so anywhere from 100+ degrees(with 80%+ humidity may I add) or down to the low 30s in the winter (which will cause brass barrels to become less efficient and more prone to bending, ask any person that plays a brass instrument like me).
I will probably save a bit and buy the tm mk 23
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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