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Biggest difference between VSR-10 and BAR-10

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Well guys, for people who didn't know, I just sold my Maruzen. Too much hassle.

But, i'm back in it, I want to build a BAR/VSR. But, what is the BIG difference between them. I'm on a budget(Whatever I get for my G&G M14 EBR, which is likely 400), but it'll slowly be gaining as I go. Is there a huge difference between them? (I'd likely go the Laylax route this route.)
400 w/o the gun, I'll get the gun somehow.

Ideally, this is what i'd purchase:
Laylax VSR-10 Trigger w/ Orange Piston
Laylax 430mm 6.03mm
Nineball Bucking
PDI VSR-10 Hop
Laylax Cylinder Head
Laylax Spring Guide
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I can't say much for the differences but if you buy the PDI hop you have to buy a PDI cylinder. It has different threads than TM/LayLax
So, what hop-up would be sub-par to the PDI that can run with Laylax.
you also need an AEG barrel for the PDI hop up unit.

By the way, difference's between the two rifles:
BAR10 shoots higher stock.
BAR10 has a much cheaper quality hop up stock.

Get the Tokyo Marui Precision Chamber, it also comes with an inner barrel.
It's just as good as the PDI one.
Also, if you're running a high FPS go for something like Firefly Hard rubber, if you have a low fps go for a soft rubber such as Nineball.

Here, I changed your shopping list to what I think you should get ;)
Laylax VSR-10 Trigger w/ Orange Piston (only if you're shooting above 450fps, otherwise just get new trigger sears and piston sears)
Tokyo Marui Precision Unit and Brass barrel combo
Nineball Bucking (Soft)
Laylax Cylinder Head
Laylax Spring Guide
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With work you can make the VSR hop work just as well as a PDI. What about a teflon cylinder?
I'd suggest to stick with Laylax... Many PDI parts want something else to be PDI as well, I personally don't like this.

You could also try out the R-Hop if you wanted to.
Might get my hands on a TM L96 nearly completely upgraded, keep you all posted.
Sweet, I love the way those look. Looking forward to seeing it.
Kinda more a fan of the VSR style, rather than L96, but whatever. You'll have a great gun either way. Happy shooting!
Laylax Cylinder Head will not always fit the bar 10 cylinder (mine didn't and others have said the same). Wouldn't bother with it or a teflon cylinder to be honest especially if on a budget.

Other than that not really aware of any differences. None came up in building mine.

The clone zero trigger I got works fine but did need the spring guide stopper filing down to fit...
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