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Well guys, for people who didn't know, I just sold my Maruzen. Too much hassle.

But, i'm back in it, I want to build a BAR/VSR. But, what is the BIG difference between them. I'm on a budget(Whatever I get for my G&G M14 EBR, which is likely 400), but it'll slowly be gaining as I go. Is there a huge difference between them? (I'd likely go the Laylax route this route.)
400 w/o the gun, I'll get the gun somehow.

Ideally, this is what i'd purchase:
Laylax VSR-10 Trigger w/ Orange Piston
Laylax 430mm 6.03mm
Nineball Bucking
PDI VSR-10 Hop
Laylax Cylinder Head
Laylax Spring Guide
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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