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Bioshot BB's

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Does anyone have experience with bioshot bb's? I've been told they are very good and wanted to know how well they perform.
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If you don't trust their opinion that they're good why would you trust ours?
TBH buy a bag and try them out. It isn't a large investment unlike the rest of airsoft equipment.
I love mine to be honest. I run the bioval .27 bb's in my 500 + sniper rifle and they work great.
Thanks for the input! It's not so much that I don't trust the person that told me about them, I just want to have multiple opinions. I just ordered a bag of .32's to test them out. I was hoping for .36's but they don't have that weight in stock right now.
My local area games have bio-bb compulsory so I have a lot of experience on G&G bio-bb's and I tell ya, they wipe out every "regular" bb I've tried. .20 .25 .28 are the ones at least they sell here and I'm using the .25. Rather expensive I guess with value running around 25-30 euros a 1kg (3500 bb approx.) bag of bb's. But they truly get the job done! =)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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