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Bioval .27

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Hey guys ...

Well I got my order today... And I said I would do a quick review on the ammo so here is a really quick one.

I opened the bag and was suprised to find the clear ammo. I thought that I had ordered the black .30's. But oh well these will work as I was currious about them anyway.

But when looking at the ammo they are as close to perfection as can be. They are clear... and i mean clear, no air bubbles or anything that can be seen inside. Just got done showing the wife the ammo, and when looking closer there was one or two that had very VERY small bubbles in them.

There is no noticible seams or machine marks on the ammo as well.

I loaded up 10 rounds in my mag and took the rifle to my back yard and shot at a cardborad box I have in the corner of my yard, apx 50 feet. I was really suprised to be able to put the rounds in a nice tight group, and by group I mean one ragged hole.

I was able to clearly see the ammo fly to the target as well. Which was shocking as they are clear and all, but you see like a little lite ball flying through the air.

They shoot very nicely and didn't seem to pose any problem in the mag or in the rifle.

I will be doing more and more testing and of course shooting with these to get the most out of them. But so far I would be telling people to get them for there rifles. But not so much for a person with a heavy trigger finger, being as a 1Kg bag is $31. Kind of costly but I feel they are worth it as of right now.
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Not sure to be honest...
Yeah I heard the same thing, but I also heard that they were from people firing to close to the targets.

But they don't seem to be any different that any other bb, in my opinion.
Meh I am not worried about it.

The guys I play with know I am using them and they are fine with it.

I am planning on having a game here next weekend and will get a shot review after that.
I have actually shot them at a steel plate from 20', using my M24 that is shooting at 610fps, and they bounced back at me! I figured they would shatter, but nope.

I may have to do that here now that winter has hit. I can look at using some of the .40 madbulls that I have and the biovals.

But I have found that they shoot great in my SPR, so really don't want to waste a ton of them
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I got mine at airsoft extreme, they came in a 1 kilo bag. So around 3500, so that should be more than enough ;)
Yeah I know alot of fields wont let them on their land. And it does make sence. The one thing that I do is when I am using them, is to make sure that no head shots are taken. That does mean a bit more waiting at times, but it is worth it for saftey.
I play with around 30 guys. And being as it is a private field, we can really do what we want. But we do make sure that things are as safe as can be.

That and if someone has a problem with the ammo, then I can switch it to something else.
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