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Hello everyone!

My first topic here and I kinda have a feeling someone has already started a discussion about these but since I couldn't find any, I decided to make a new. I have a question myself, but feel free to discuss about bipods here.

I am looking for a bipod that wouldn't be insanely expensive, but would have these features:
1. attaches to picatinny rail (preferably without a adapter)
2. moves to three directions (up-down, left-right, tilting to left and right)
3. would be kinda stiff or atleast stifness of movements would be controllable. So when I put the gun to ground with it's bipod, it won't tilt to one side.
4. Springs to keep legs up when not in use.

Feel free to share experiences and recommend different products or tell to steer away some awful products.

Thanks for any help!
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