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Black Dog Airsoft’s Guide to Forum Etiquette:

Figured that we might need something like this, as most of this is either meant to be intuited or is spread out across a number of threads.

This is my guide to forum etiquette (often shortened to ‘netiquette’- internet etiquette.)


The first thing that I should mention is to go look at the forum rules: Rules | Airsoft Sniper Forum

Copied here with updates (as of 24/04/2021) included for your convenience:

1 - Please use specific thread topics. The topic of your thread should let the reader know what the thread is about. Mods have full authority to re-title threads, but we would rather you take care of this yourself

2 - If you want to tell someone to do a search, you must also provide an answer to their question. If you cannot, then do not post on the topic. Brief responses only saying to do a search will be deleted.

3 - Any racist/sexist/abusive language will be deleted by mods or cleverly edited to make you seem silly. So please avoid it. In addition to this, there is a low tolerance for profanity. Some profanity, of course, is acceptable, however, try to avoid it.

4 - Please use the 'Edit' button to edit your posts instead of creating a new post directly after the old one. Any attempts to raise postcount by consecutive multiposts will result in a banning.

5 - The mods have the ability to either delete a post or thread immediately, or lock it and give 24 hour notice prior to deletion. It is up to the mod how they want to handle this.

6 - Please use proper grammar and punctuation. Not only will you get your message across much clearer, but other forum members might actually be able to reply to your post instead of trying to decipher your enigmatic nonsense.

7. Do not bring up old posts, if they haven't had a response in over several months do not post unless you strongly feel your two cents is worth it.

8. Talk of 550+ FPS is prohibited. Anything over 550fps is beyond standard regulations and safety. We do not condone or care to hear about any hot rifles. Any talk will be removed from the forum. This rule is less enforced, seeing as these rifles are legal in many countries.

9. Please do not flood the boards with questions that can be privately asked to an elder player. This is a discussion board for everyone, not just question masters.


Provide players with valuable information, let players interact, and share ideas. This forum is for intelligent snipers who are willing to help with the advancement of airsoft sniping.

Also, due to laws in America, the discussion of building functioning suppressors is prohibited. I know that not everyone here lives in the USA, however, we have many members who do. Please don’t post about something that could potentially get them in trouble with the law. Mock supressor discussions should be okay- just make sure they are foam or aesthetic ones, not fully functional ones. Remember to make this very clear. I would suggest putting it in the title (e.g., What acoustic foam for Airsoft Silencer?). Better yet, don't make discussions about it at all. Be mindful that your actions could seriously affect the lives of others (people in the USA could literally be jailed because of this).


On Intro Posts:

The forum requires you to make an intro post. This is so we know you exist and also have some info about your general loadout and playstyle.
In general, alongside greetings and the like, it is a good idea to post what guns you use, a little about your loadout (e.g., do you use a ghille suit? Do you run a plate carrier or a chest rig?) and maybe also give your playstyle if you have a little more experience (aggressive, stealth, defender?).

What you should never give are your personal details. These include: full name, address and the like, though I doubt that anyone is going to give their bank account details.

Also see this thread: Make an introduction post, its a rule! | Airsoft Sniper Forum


A more general guide to forum behaviour, largely copy pasted from here: Microsoft Word - CHAPTER2_tip_forum_etiquette.doc ( This is not the forum rules, but is good practice.

1. Search the forum before starting a new topic. Before creating a new topic, search the forum to see if a similar topic already exists. Most forums have a search function just for this purpose. You will uncover more information by reading previous posts than starting a new topic. The reason for this is simple: people don’t like repeating themselves.

2. Think before you post. Ask yourself these questions:

• Has my question/information already been asked/expressed?

• Am I adding anything new/significant to the topic?

• Is this something I want to include in a public, possibly permanent, forum?

3. Post clearly. Ambiguous questions can lead to no response, leaving the poster discouraged. Instead, make sure to provide as much essential information as is necessary to get your point/question across.

4. Reread your post. You should check your post for spelling, grammar, and tone.

5. Check your tone of voice. With few exceptions, forum tone should be neutral. Since computers can’t portray the inflection or tone in a person’s voice, how you word your post directly affects how people will respond. Avoid using all capital letters. THIS IS CONSIDERED SHOUTING.

6. Use an informative subject heading. The subject line of a post is what will first attract people to read it—if it’s vague, confusing, inflammatory, or doesn’t describe what’s contained within, no one will read it or respond.

• Good subject: How do I shim a VSR10 hopup unit?

• Good subject: What is the best VSR10 spring?

• Bad subject: Angel Custom crap lol

• Bad subject: Want to upgrade my l96 but have no idea what is going on please help me i am big noob

7. Don’t crosspost. If you haven’t gotten a response to your post, don’t repost it across multiple forums. Instead, try to be patient.

8. Quote sparingly. Quote brief excerpts from previous posts, enough to orient the reader only.


How to be safe on an internet forum:

Basically, avoid posting most personal details. It should be okay to give a rough location and maybe your first name, however, it isn’t a good idea to give your full name, personal e-mail, accurate location (such as an address- it should be fine to say that you live in x city). Also, never give another person your login details, even if they can help you solve a problem.



A necropost is a post on an "old, abandoned thread that has been considered 'dead' for a while...that no longer serves any purpose but is bumped back up to the top of the forums by someone posting in it." Necroposting is seen as a form of spam and clogs up the forums with old and unneeded topics.

A good guideline is not to post of threads older than 3 weeks unless absolutely necessary, though @Plazmaburn does say that he considers threads to be ‘dead’ when they are older than 6 months.
Also, if the OP returns to a thread, it is normally considered ‘alive’ again.
According to @Plazmaburn this does not apply for threads such as Journals, Show us your Babies and the like.
I believe that it has been said before that Necro Posting is tolerated if it means you avoid creating a new thread. Basically, if you need a question answered, but there is a thread about the exact same topic, then you can reply to that even if it is rather old.




See this thread as an example: No More Airsoft in Hong Kong? | Airsoft Sniper Forum


How to check grammar if English isn’t your first language:

The forum does have spell check to a limited extent, however, if your English is not that good, I suggest you use Grammarly and then copy paste the text in.

Grammarly: Free Online Writing Assistant


Slightly off topic here, but if you want to contact a mod, the only 2 who are on here regularly are @Wolfgeorge and @Plazmaburn maburn


On deleting posts and threads:

This doesn’t exist on AirsoftSniperForum, as a feature that normal members can use. You will need to contact either @Wolfgeorge or @Plazmaburn and they will get rid of it for your as soon as possible, as they are mods and and therefore have superpowers.


Common Abbreviations and Text Talk.

It pains me to put this here because I think that Text Talk is a mutilation of the English language but anyway…

BTW By The Way

LOL Laughing Out Loud

TTFN Ta-Ta For Now

IMO In My Opinion

BRB Be Right Back

J/K Just Kidding

NP No Problem

LMK Let Me Know

NVM Never Mind


Common Forum Vocab:

If forums are new to you, you may come across what looks like another language. Most of this jargon pertains to unsavory behavior typically perpetrated by forum newcomers. Review these terms so you don’t seem like a n00b.

• Trolling. Trolling is the art of posting something specifically intended to stir up trouble. The troll then sits back and watches as dozens of people jump in and start arguing.

• Flaming. Flaming is similar to trolling in that it is a post with negative intentions. A flame is when a poster says something negative in an attempt to get a more negative response. This behavior begets a “flame war,” wherein the poster and the reader(s) argue back and forth.

• Lurking. Lurking means regularly reading the posts on a bulletin board, but never (or seldom) contributing anything. Lurkers don’t cause trouble and are typically tolerated. In a forum where participation counts though, lurkers should make an effort to join the discussion.

• Shotgun posting (also known as crossposting). Shotgun posting means posting the same question on several different sites, or across multiple forums on the same site, at the same time.

• Double posting. Double posting means posting the same post more than once in the same thread, or in multiple threads and forums on the same site.

• Hijacking. Hijacking a topic occurs when a new poster changes the topic in a thread already opened by another poster seeking help. To avoid confusion and hurt feelings, start a new topic.

• Bumping. Bumping is posting just to keep your topic at the top of the list. Doing this can get you banned from a forum, however, it is sometimes tolerated on ASF, especially in the threads where someone is trying to sell something.

• Multiposting. This involves posting a number of posts in succession in the same thread. This is considered bad behaviour in most threads. Generally tolerated here, so long as you don’t go insane with it.

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This is definitely something that needs a pin, people should be directed to this over the other one as it houses both old rules and etiquette.
It is already stickied.
I would ask everyone to direct new people to this thread.
I will also be making a thread on how to use the forum interface itself when it is finalised.

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I'm the cause of all these rules from a single post?

Feel like I've stepped on some toes here.
Nah. Just felt that this needed to be here... was planning on doing it for the past couple of months and was whipped into action (albeit rather slowly) with the forum update. These rules were always here, just they weren't really known about.

I used to break some of these when I was new too. You've been pretty good about this as a whole.

* Tries not to sound like the proverbial discord mod wannabe and fails *
(I want this as a tag but also don't...)

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Nah. Just felt that this needed to be here... was planning on doing it for the past couple of months and was whipped into action (albeit rather slowly) with the forum update. These rules were always here, just they weren't really known about.

I used to break some of these when I was new too. You've been pretty good about this as a whole.

* Tries not to sound like the proverbial discord mod wannabe and fails *
Technically I'm not new, i was a member here back in 2014..but was a long time ago now. :)
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