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boat paint suggestions

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I am going to put my boat in the shop in the next few weeks or month for a fiberglass/structural rebuild. Transom, stringers, and flooring. And since the hull will be undergoing a full rebuild, why not a new coat of paint. I'm including the best pics I have and i would post the paint colors, but they are copyrighted so i will have to post links to them.

Paint choices first.

And now for the main attraction.

And one with my truck. It will be painted to match eventually.

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The buckskin is my favorite. It's the closest I have found to coyote brown. Actually I've really been thinking hard on the Vietnam tigerstripe pattern, but more of a desert version with the buckskin as a base. It's getting a black marine epoxy bottom coat for sure. It has some really nice body lines to tape from so more than likely I will use a hot rod satin black for my primer then do some creative taping to be able to show the black. Multicam would be awesome to have, but I don't think I have the patience trying to tape and paint that much.
I'd love to mount a mini gun on it or a LMG. If there was an OP with a big enough water way I'd definitely bring it. I've always wanted one of the Vietnam US patrol boats.
Another one of my favorite patterns is the desert 6 color chocolate chip. Tigerstripe is looking like it will be very difficult to tape off as well.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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