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Bolt action Sniper Rifle

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On a sniper airsoft rifle

I noticed that the bolt has scratches on it. (the scratches run vertically)

The rifle is bolt action and the bolt is open so that any dust particles can fall in, and i was wondering if these verticale scratches are a normal part of breaking in a new rifle (or mabye i need some more lube then there already is on the bolt that you pull back)

I have an L96, i hope i explain this good enough,
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Dont rack it so hard. It is the same thing on mine, it is just the paint so nothing so bad.
its not on the paint

its the shiny cylinder part thats connected to the bolt (its the cylinder that actually is inside the rifle, and moves back and forth.

im suprised since the bolt has an opening in which dust can get in

anyone have this problem?
What kind of rifle do you have?

Most likely it is just the sears coming in contact with your cylinder. You should have nothing to worry about, but just to be sure give the inside of your receiver a good once over, and check for anything that doesn't look right.
I have a UTG MK96 (beginner rifle = beginner sniper)

Hmm, i think your right about the sears.
I think you should start worrying about it if the scratches run deep and long. I mean, if you can feel the scratch well, then you might want to lube the inside where you put the cylinder and the cylinder itself.
yea i can feel the skratches with my nails

what kind of lube do you reccomend?
I would use 100% Silicone oil, make sure you get rid of all the dirt and grim in your receiver and on your cylinder first, though.

thanks a lot guys

Oh if the cylinder is skratched because of dirt falling in, will it affect the performance of the gun?

from what i see the cyclinder serves no other purpose other then housing parts.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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